Smile Tutor

Smile Tutor is a home tuition agency based in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of services to its clients, including tuition matching, home tutoring, and student care.

Smiletutor’s Problem

Smiletutor was facing several problems when it came to SEO. They weren’t having quality backlinks which were hurting their ranking.

Our Solution

We decided to take on the challenge and help Smiletutor with their SEO. We started by conducting a backlink analysis. This helped us to identify the gap. We researched and found some relevant websites. We reached out to those websites and asked for a link.

The Result

Within 2 months, we helped Smiletutor to increase its organic traffic by 30%. The website was also ranked for several business keywords and received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

The total number of keywords indexed within Google increased by 25%. In May 2022 the total number of keywords indexed was 11,392 and as of today (November 2022), the total number of indexed keywords is 14,714.

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