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Configuring Analytics

We start the process by configuring data from the client's site using tools such as power bi, custom dashboard, Google sheets, Tag Manager, etc. Finding the relevant information becomes a lot easier when we get organized with data and our Google analytics consultant gets your team on board and share files. It is also beneficial in comparing two reports and the differences between them.

Analyzing GA Data

This one is the crucial step of all. The insights we get through Google data studio and other tools help our Google analytics experts with data analysis. We look if the traffic data and web analytics are meeting the business objectives and giving the expected results of the marketing strategy or not. Our Google analytics consultants do not let any loophole go unnoticed.

Tagging Campaigns

We use the technique of tagging campaigns to keep track of how successful your marketing strategy is. It let us overwrite the data collected through Google analytics with your information. What happens to the mail you sent to clients through email marketing and how well-received your Google Ads efforts are determined through Google tag manager events.

Planning & Evaluation

Planning and evaluation are done when your team and our's get onboard. We help in setting up your Google Analytics account and coming up with a strategy to overcome all the lackings in marketing campaigns. Our google tag manager expert ensures to mold the digital marketing strategy in accordance with the user behavior thus, leading to optimization of your site.

Enhanced Ecommerce

Bringing novelty and ease of use to your digital platform is the key to success. Implementation of ideas from marketing teams, tracking the performance of the website, tracking the performance of the website, and finalizing to create quality content is what we promise and deliver. Online eCommerce businesses from different industries are flourishing through our Google analytics consulting services.

Reviews & Audits

We perform regular audits and review how well our strategy is working for your business. succeeding through google analytics is an ongoing process and we are there to lead your way to business goals. The custom reports give you insights into how your search engine ranking is improving and conversion rate optimization is working.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Analytics allows you to track everything you’ve got going on with a website. The data provided by Google Analytics provides insights into how users use their website and marketing. But as with most tools, a user of Google Analytics has to choose who uses the data. And That’s where Techvando comes in. We provide Google Analytics consulting services and help our clients get the most out of their data. We’re a team of experienced Google Analytics Consultants who have provided expert consulting services to many clients around the globe.
Analytic consultants are game-changers of the marketing world. They help the companies to identify crucial problems and suggest the best-suited solutions or business decisions to eradicate them. Analytic consultants lead you to enhanced working efficiency and revenues by gathering and analyzing the data. Google Analytics Consultants thoroughly go through the website’s data, indicate the changes needed, and present you with regular automatic updates. They ensure you a seamless digital marketing experience. You offer your clients marketing services, and analytics consultants help you deliver what you promised.
If you are running an eCommerce store, then Google analytics can cater to all your business needs and help you make informed decisions, thus making your business venture a success. It provides you with a wholesome solution and turns you into a marketing expert ultimately. The foolproof data you get through Google analytics let you understand customer behavior, you can track how effective your strategy is working, and can even work on the suggestions from the marketing expert to get a good search engine ranking. The deeper you look into data provided by the Google sheet the more you enhance your digital marketing skill sets. Starting off by creating a Google Analytics account is what you should be doing.
If you think Google analytics data reports appear to you as some kind of information that is hard to comprehend and cannot be brought to use because you lack expertise, you must hire google analytics consultants. Google analytics experts let you bring your a-game forward as you step into the highly competitive digital market. From collecting the data to translating your relevant and unique business goals into reality, google analytics consulting services have the hands-on expertise to take care of it all. You can grow and secure the future of your business in the dgitial marketplace.