About us

Transforming the digital marketing landscape through innovation, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Your digital expansion, our mission

Techvando started in 2018, fueled by a love for tech and marketing. We picked the best people in development, writing, and design, focusing on quality to help businesses grow online. Our unique strategies ensure brand shines globally.

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Values that drive us

Techvando stands on the pillars of transparency, commitment, and the power of self-expression. Our foundation is built on the belief that authenticity and a clear vision pave the way for groundbreaking digital solutions. The ‘get-it-done’ attitude is ingrained in our DNA, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we work with. By embracing these values, we’ve created a culture where innovation thrives, accountability is paramount, and every project is a step towards redefining excellence in the digital world.

Team Techvando


Hassan Khan

Head of Search

Umer Ishfaq

SEO Project Manager

Khansa Khan

Head of Tech

Bilal Younas

Head of Finance / Admin

Muqarab Qadeer

Sr. Outreach Specialist

Maria Ahmed

SEO and Content Analyst

Mariam Baloch

Content Strategist

Aniqa Marium

CRO Specialist

Najaf Rehman

Farrukh Ali

Backlink Specialist

Farrukh Ali

Sr. SEO Engineer

Saqib Siddiqui

Senior Content Writer

Bushra Khan

Jr. Developer

Malik Dawood


Rabia Bibi


Saad ur Rehman


Hamza Haris

Techvando Insider

About Techvando

Powered by a natural inclination towards tech and computers, I started probing into website design and development years back from now. As a novice, I found it reassuring to try everything, from content creation to digital marketing, hands-on before setting out as an entrepreneur. When I was into digital marketing and website development up to my knees, Techvando came into being. Coincidentally, I started bumping into like-minded people, and fortunately, they excelled in their fields. I got on my team the best engineer, developer, writer, and designer in town. Being young and creative, each one of them contributed something unique and creative to Techvando, and continues to do so! Techvando has a limited but exceptionally creative arsenal of human resources and that’s what has worked for Techvando up till now. This team is analogous to Techvando’s core value: quality over quantity. Together, I and my team have reached out to international brands and notched up their digital marketing game. Our work process includes lots of tweaking around, experimenting, and no conventional set of instructions. We believe in letting natural talent and instinct guide the workflow, rather than strict rules. And that’s what I love about Techvando.