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Greenrush packaging is a company that offers a wide range of customizable packaging options. From designing the new packaging to bringing innovations to the existing ones, Greenrush packaging is making its mark in the digital market aptly.

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In February 2019, Greenbush Packaging was struggling to attract organic traffic to their website. They were receiving merely 311 users per month, a number far from satisfactory for their growth ambitions. This limited audience reach was impeding their ability to increase brand awareness and sales through their online platform.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul of their SEO strategy, Greenbush Packaging turned to Team Techvando. Our initial audit highlighted several areas for improvement, leading us to implement a multifaceted optimization strategy.

We focused on enhancing their website’s keyword ranking, which, at the time, was only noticeable for 331 keywords. By integrating do-follow links in our off-page SEO practices and aligning with the latest SEO trends, we aimed not just to increase traffic but to ensure quality engagement with the website. Content asset creation, quality link building, and brand-building efforts were pivotal in our approach.

The results

Our efforts culminated in a remarkable transformation for Greenbush Packaging’s online presence. By January 2020, monthly organic traffic to their website skyrocketed to 3,430 users—an 1102% increase. Moreover, our SEO strategies significantly improved their keyword ranking, with the website now ranking for 2,497 keywords, marking a 754% success rate. Notably, the website achieved the number 1 position on Google’s first page for over 8 high-volume keywords, surpassing competitors like Amazon and Etsy. This dominant ranking was a testament to our tailored SEO approach, which effectively broadened their digital footprint and enhanced their brand visibility online.