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About Smile Tutor is a home tuition agency based in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of services to its clients, including tuition matching, home tutoring, and student care.

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Smiletutor faced significant challenges in its SEO strategy. The core issue was the lack of quality backlinks, a critical factor negatively impacting their search engine rankings and visibility.


To address this, we embarked on a comprehensive SEO improvement journey. Our initial step was conducting an exhaustive backlink analysis to pinpoint the existing gaps. This analysis revealed the necessity for more high-quality, relevant backlinks. Subsequently, we identified a list of potential websites within the educational sector and related fields. Through a targeted outreach campaign, we established connections with these websites, proposing mutually beneficial linking opportunities.

The results

The strategic efforts bore fruit within a mere two months. Smiletutor’s organic traffic surged by 30%, a testament to the improved visibility and search engine rankings. Notably, the website began ranking for several crucial business-related keywords, enhancing its online presence and drawing positive feedback from customers.

Moreover, the number of keywords indexed by Google experienced a notable increase of 25%. In May 2022, the indexed keywords stood at 11,392. By November 2022, this number had risen to 14,714, illustrating the expanded reach and improved SEO standing of Smiletutor’s website. These results underscore the efficacy of targeted SEO strategies in enhancing online visibility and traffic.