Green Rush Packaging

Green Rush Package

Greenrush packaging is a company that offers a wide range of customizable packaging options. From designing the new packaging to bringing innovations to the existing ones, Greenrush packaging is making its mark in the digital market aptly.

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Starting the Optimization

However, when they contacted team Techvando to get their search engine optimization done for their website, the organic traffic directed towards their site was 311 users only per month, according to Ahref in February 2019. Whereas, according to our last SEO audit that was done for the Greenbush packaging, the traffic has been increased to 3430 users monthly, thus, giving us an 1102% increase in the web site’s traffic in January 2020

When the optimization process was started, the website was ranked for 331 keywords only for February 2019, according to Ahref. As per our last outreach in January 2020, the website was ranked for 2497 keywords which gives us a success rate of 754%. Using the do-follow links in off-page SEO practices, coupled with other latest techniques and trends of the field, we achieved the desired results.

Keyword Ranking on Google

Our carefully designed SEO strategy has enabled the Greenrush packaging’s website to score the number 1 position on the first page of Google’s search result that too above amazon, Etsy, etc., on 8+ high-volume keywords. The high relevance of websites and our well-written content has helped us get quicker publications, which translated into our company’s success and yielded the expected outcomes.

All the pages of Greenrush packaging’s website that the Techvando team has worked on have been ranked high in Google’s search. Our commitment, constant efforts, and efficient SEO techniques have turned out to be a significant success for this project over a year. Getting the dominant ranking among competitors is what we promised and what we have delivered!

Tactics Used

  1. Quality Link Building
  2. Brand Building
  3. Content Asset Creation

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