Valenture Institute

The Valenture Institute is a wonderful online institute for seeking knowledge based on the curriculums designed by the world’s leading institutes for the safest future of the students.

The complete class decorum is provided in the online class setups for providing the perfect online learning environment to them.

Using Links and On Page Audit to Get High Rank.

They were best to provide the online educational services but were poor in generating traffic to their website and were also not good link building perspectives.

Our hard-works to groom the website

After meeting with them, the most important thing was to concentrate on their all-important SEO factors on On-Page/Technical SEO. We have worked hard to build unique, niche-specific and high-quality backlinks that were highly loved by Google, and have got rewarded with the 1st Page, 1st position status. By continually working on the backlinks we have maintained this position of the top page 1 and position 1 ranking on 4+ high volume keywords on (above Wikipedia, business insider, and every other website). This position has even been maintained during the peak COVID-19 pandemic situation as well.

How our strategies became worthful

As we were capable enough to publish various power pages to boost the traffic, we used the same strategy for the Venture Institute website and have published various power pages and settled the keyword placement as well.

This has resulted in the increase in domain authority from 23rd to 31st in August 2020 as compared with the statistics of April 2020. This has also increased the organic traffic by 177.25% at this tenure. This has greatly boosted the traffic at Valenture Institute website and has even built strong linkages to its power pages.

For this year, we have boosted the traffic at the website for promoting it and making it recognizable among many to facilitate everyone from their tremendous learning platform services.

Increased the referral ratings and backlinks tremendously

While initiating the workings on Venture Institute, its referral domain rating was just 39. But after the continuous link buildings and hard-work we has lead it to the 113. That was a wonderful achievement. Even we have also build up the do-follows from 20 % to the 59% and No-follows from 10% to 40%. That was a wonderful increase in percentage for developing the backlinks.

Tactics Used

On-Page Optimization
Quality Link Building
Content Asset Creation


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